How to Interface to the PDC Clearinghouse(tm)

Choose one of these methods to connect to The PDC Clearinghouse

  • HCFA Text Image format.
  • PDC Web browser Data-entry.
  • DocPro(tm) NSF format.
  • Stat-Link*, Proxymed*, or MACH NSF Format.

HCFA Text Image format:

This format can be used by all billing systems. To generate a claim file you simply print your HCFA forms to a file instead of the printer. Many billing systems have this feature built into their menus. In any case, it is easy to set this up on your system. After you generate an image file, you will upload the file to the PDC Clearinghouse via dial-up modem or the Internet. The PCD Clearinghouse will then convert the image file to a HIPAA compatible file, and forward your claims to the Payers.

PDC Web Browser Data-entry:

If you don't have a billing system in your office, you can use the PDC Web-site to enter your claims. This is a secure HTTPS connection that will let you enter Patient and Claim Data right through your Web Browser. Click here for more information.

DocPro(tm) Practice Management System:

The PDC Clearinghouse is fully compatible with DocPro(tm) from PDC. The two systems were designed Paton Data Co., and they operate smoothly together.

Stat-Link and ProxyMed:

These systems were previously provided to providers at no charge by Anthem BCBS and Mass BCBS, and many billing systems in New England were previously interfaced to them. The PDC Clearinghouse is fully compatible with these systems. Our clearinghouse system will take the files that your billing system now generates, run them through our editor, and convert the data to HIPAA format. You will simply stop using the extra software (MACH) that you have on your system. Instead you will upload the MACH claim files to the PDC Clearinghouse using standard Windows software.
*ProxyMed and Stat-Link are trademarks of "2K Medical Billing Software."