Is DocPro Billing Software Right for You?

DocPro is a full featured Medical Billing and Practice Management Software System that meets the major requirements of Insurance and Patient billing, Office Administration, and Practice Management. DocPro runs on all versions of the MS-DOS, MS-Windows and Linux Operating Systems. DocPro supports Healthcare Practices with up to 99 Providers, and can be networked to support up to twenty computer stations.

DocPro uses the traditional non-mouse approach to data entry, and all data is entered using the keyboard. This may be seen as a limitation by some, but an advantage by others. The non-mouse approach allows much faster data entry, because the screens draw instantly, and the user never has to wait for the computer to catch-up before entering new data. Although the data entry approach is traditional, the DocPro program is state of the art in terms of Medical Billing. We continue to update DocPro every year, and its screens currently reflect all the needs of the new HIPAA insurance billing requirements of 2005.

DocPro integrates smoothly with the PDC Clearinghouse, with built-in features for generating compatible claim files, and viewing reports. By combining DocPro with the PDC Clearinghouse, users can achieve an outstanding cash flow position.

User's of DocPro range from small, solo provider practices, where the provider does his or her own data entry, to larger practices with more than a dozen providers generating many millions of dollars of revenue per year. In both cases, the users are able to bill and track accounts in a manner that provides an excellent cash flow and collections rate. They also appreciate the many informative financial reports that help in managing the practice.

Would you like to learn more? Visit The DocPro Software Page for further information on DocPro's capabilities.