Running a Medical Billing Service,
or planning to?

If you operate a Medical Billing Service, or plan to start one, and you are located in New England, PDC can provide some valuable services.

PDC Clearinghouse:
We connect to all major payers nationwide. However, we have direct connections and a close working relationship with all the New England Payers such as Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS, Cigna, Tufts, and HPHC. Because of our direct connections to these payers, we can quickly and easily solve all problems related to the specific local requirements that relate to formatting, special fields, and ID numbers. We also provide personal support to get you connected, and to resolve any problems. Check out our web pages on the PDC Clearinghouse by clicking the link above.

DocPro(tm) Billing Software:
DocPro is a powerful, no-nonsense Billing system that is geared to fast, high volume data entry. DocPro's screens are tailored to entering only the data needed to bill Payers and Patients, and to track accounts. With DocPro, you will maximize your efficiency and cash flow. DocPro also provides excellent financial and management reports that will help you track what you can bill to your clients. Your clients will also appreciate these management reports. DocPro works with all versions of MS-DOS, MS-Windows, and Linux. It supports all type of printers on these systems. By combining DocPro with the PDC Clearinghouse, you can achieve an excellent collections rate that will maximize your income. Click the link above to find out more.