With PDC, you can submit Electronic Claims, even if you don't have billing software!
Paton Data Co. understands that a full-feature billing software system isn't always the most practical solution for the smaller office. If you are a practice with a low insurance claim volume, then our new program may be what you're looking for. PDC's new Claim Center allows for secure claims submission over the internet, through your current browser.
Here's how it Works:
The Data Screens are where you will spend most of your time while using the Claim Center. By clicking on the colored tabs, you will be prompted to enter all the same information you would find on a HCFA-1500 form. The screen samples (below) display the typical format of the Claim Center.
Creating a Claim:
To add a new patient, click the "add" button, (see example below) and complete the fields in all 3 sections; Patient Data, Coverage Data, and Claim Data. Simply click "submit" when finished, and you will have sent the claim. It's that easy.

"Entry of a new Patient"

"The Coverage Data Screen"

"The Claim Data Screen"

Looking up Accounts:
The next time you need to create a claim for this patient, Use the "find" button to look him up by name or account number. His information will be restored based on the last claim you sent. Fields subject to change are automatically cleared, while personal information, coverage plans, and diagnosies are retained. If you edit or change any data, it will be saved in place of the old data only when another claim is submitted.

Features include:
A Payer look-up list. Online access to claim reports. A "smart editor" that checks your work and will catch entry errors and missed fields. All these features and more!

Getting Started:
For security purposes, only registered users have access to view and use the program. To become registered, you must complete a simple registration process with PDC, which includes verification of your practice. Once PDC presents you with a user-name and password, you may enter the Claim Center, which is in full compliance with the HIPPA security laws protecting standard claim submission.

Making Connections:
The PDC Claim Center for the Web was designed to meet the claim submission needs of a small practice. It is not intended to serve as a substitute for record keeping, nor is it meant to replace an office billing system. If you currently have billing software in your office, you can connect to our clearinghouse through your existing system. Contact PDC for more information about the Electronic Claims connection that's right for you.

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